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St. John’s Wort Oil


St. John’s wort oil is made with extra virgin olive oil to create an extract that is known since antiquity for its medicinal properties, with references to them by the father of medicinal science Hippocrates and Dioscorides. In ancient Sparta it was used as a healing herb against wounds caused by swords and still today in Greece it is also known as swordgrass from this.


Traditional Properties


Traditionally St. John’s wort oil is used against most skin problems because it has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help against small wounds, dry elbows and heels, irritations, itchiness, insect bites, bruises, light skin burns, inflammations and hemorrhoids.


St. John’s wort oil is also effective against sciatica, rheumatic and joint pains. When used for a massage it can offer relief from sprains, muscle cramps and muscle stiffness.


Applying St. John’s Wort Oil


After carefully cleaning the problematic area we coat or massage with enough oil to moisten the area then we let the skin absorb the oil for 30 minutes to an hour. We can use it 2 to 3 times per day until the problem goes away.


Warning: Because St. John’s wort contains Hypericin, which is a photosensitive substance, in certain skin types it can cause a photosensitive reaction that manifests with skin irritations. For this reason we should use the oil in nighttime or if we are about to be exposed to the sun.

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