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Enjoy the real taste of herbs!


Aroma Farms has been given the distinction of Great Taste Producer for our continuous successful participation in the Great Taste Awards for the last 3 years.

We have already earned accolades for our Lemon Verbena, Oregano, Peppermint, Rose Petals and hope to earn even more in the future!

Aromafarms is Certified by DIO (Certification & Inspection Organisation)

Our awarded products at the GREAT TASTE AWARDS

Table 5: A beautiful looking dry leaf, so very well presented, undamaged and perfect in every way. Once steeping the leaves almost come back to life and become a vibrant green. A great colour once poured too. The poured aroma is crisp, clean and shouting verbena, it's like summer in a cup; we love the instant sharp start followed by the mellow leaf finish ; the citrus bursts come in under the herbal notes and balance very well on the finish.


Table 1: This tastes like you would want to be able to make with your own lemon verbena from the garden. It would be lovely in the summer as well. How could you better this? It is pure and honest and has been done with care."

Table 8: There's a good, rich volatile aroma to the ground oregano.  It's quite powerful on the palate, with marked menthol notes and considerable heat.  In fact it's quite surprisingly powerful with remarkable length on the palate.  A really excellent oregano.

Table 99: A stunning aroma, full of warmth and fresh oregano. The flavour is pure and bold.

Table 6: Very well presented, even shaped and full flavour.

3 Stars - Lemon Verbena

2 Stars - Oregano

Table 6: There's a good, sound quality to the leaves, and a delightful aroma. Happily this brightness translates to the palate with lovely notes almost of fresh peppermint, with lovely levels of an almost caramel sweetness, menthol brightness, and clear peppermint flavour that lingers delightfully. A very good example.


Table 99G: Clean peppermint, fresh and with total honesty of the herb. Refreshing on the palate, gentle on the digestion.

Table 65: Pretty petals with good integrity, clearly selected with care. The delicate perfume conveys nicely to the pale gold, clear infusion. The drinking experience is nicely balanced, with the rose perfume held in check both by a gentle astringency and a hint of raisiny richness. It was the creaminess of the texture that impressed us most, however. A pleasing infusion, which would be good served chilled on a summer's afternoon, we feel.

2 Stars - Peppermint

1 Star- Rose

Great Taste Judge's Comments

Great Taste Judge's Comments

Great Taste Judge's Comments

Great Taste Judge's Comments

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