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Rosemary Essential Oil

(Rosmarinus οfficinalis L.)


Rosemary essential oil is used in the production of cosmetics, due to the beneficial qualities that it has for the skin and hair. It is also used in aromatherapy in order to improve our mental health and relieve us from muscle pains and cramps.


Like all the essential oils, it should always be diluted in base oil. If we put a few drops in our bath or 1 in our bath sponge, it will stimulate our mind and relax our body from tiredness and muscle pains. In order to use it for our hair we have to dilute 30 drops in 100ml of base oil, especially bay oil, and apply it as a mask or put a few drops in our shampoo for deeper cleaning. Diluted in massage oil it can be used against sore muscles, bone and joint pains. Finally if we use it in a ceramic essential oil burner it purifies the atmosphere and improves our mental condition.


Rosemary essential oil should not be used by epileptics, pregnant women and people with high blood pressure.

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