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Bay Oil



Bay oil is one of the best known natural cosmetics against hair loss. It is an extract of bay leaves in olive oil and rich in vitamins A, E and fatty acids. It protects and reinforces hair structure. It also strengthens, nourishes and gives your hair a shine due to its moisturizing and softening properties. Bay oil will give you healthy hair which is the most important weapon against hair loss.




Put a small amount of bay oil in your hair and lightly massage them. Then wrap your hair with a membrane and keep it like that for around one hour. Finally wash your hair with a shampoo. You can use this natural hair mask one time per week.

For those who use a conditioner after washing their hair that will not be necessary since the softening properties of bay oil will make your hair easy to comb through.



Warning: Do not apply bay oil to the roots of your hair and make sure to thoroughly wash it afterwards in order to avoid oily hair.

This product does not replace the visit to a doctor who will be able to give you proper treatment based on your individual problem.

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